Y. Bhg. Datuk Mazlan bin Sabli

Executive Chairman

Y. Bhg. Datuk Mazlan bin Sabli was a popular TV newscaster in 90s served for more than 12 years in RTM and 5 years in Bernama (National News Agency). Graduated from the West Oxfordshire, United Kingdom in Bachelor of Business Administration and completed Counselor Relation Course by Wilson Learning of New York, USA.

His vast knowledge and skills has served many organizations in and outside Malaysia to gain substantial profitability. External companies such as J P Kenny A.G. (Switzerland), PT. Elmadasa Interfin (Indonesia), PT. Wavin (Indonesia) while local companies such as MBF, PURA group of companies, Farigold Ventures, Cypark, Majutera and Abfuma Corporation, all have benefited from his extraordinary business development.

Aliff Fjord Sdn Bhd is very lucky to have Y. Bhg. Datuk Mazlan as the company’s Chairman . His presence in the company has inspired us to look at opportunities that lie beyond expectation. His advises and wisdoms have synergized the management team to move over the limit and towards success. He is the heart and soul of the company.

About Alif Fjord

The company specializes in various fields of works including Supplying Hospital Equipment and Medicines, Textiles and Medical Clothes, Chemicals Materials and Laboratory Equipment, Lights and Electronic Equipment, Souvenirs and Sports Accessories, Stationeries and Office Equipment, Catering, Furniture and Office Decorations and, Sanitary and Safety Consulting Services.

With its years of experiences in handling public and private projects, ALIF MASYHUR SDN BHD has had proven its solid reputation for its efficiency, effectiveness, and its ethical conduct.

ALIF MASYHUR SDN BHD is an Exclusive Distributor for Fjord Sdn Bhd (1322056-K) and Fjord Diagnostics Sdn Bhd.

About Fjord Diagnostics

Fjord Diagnostics is an innovative company in the field of medical diagnostics, applying assay technologies to commercial use. With the commitment to provide better and affordable alternatives in pathological and clinical laboratory testing, the company is dedicated to technology breakthrough and product innovation.

Fjord Diagnostics has a complete operation chain from R&D manufacturing to manufacturing to sales and marketing. The company serves the medical diagnostic industry with uncompromised services and product quality.

Presently, the Fjord Diagnostics’ core business operation focuses on a range of cytology products, ranging for cervical sampling devices to state-of-the-art dual filtration automated CY-PREP® Pap Test System for processing of liquid-based cytology.

Today, the company’s innovative, easy-to-use SEDIPREP® COVID-19 is helping in the rapid sample pre-concentration prior to RNA extraction of the RT-PCR test and driving accuracy.